This game kicks all the ass I hoped Shadowrun 4E would, but in a far-future setting that is so much more than cyberpunk could offer.

Here we have huge corporations armed to the teeth and ready to destroy one another (and the rest of humanity) barely kept in check by a United International Government. That's enough of a premise for me, but naturally there's much more to it, and it's really well done.

With techno-samurai, cybernetic monstrocities, ridiculous weaponry, this game has everything I want from a cinematic sci-fi game conceptually.

Then there's the system. Simple, well integrated, and honestly intuitive. I've heard games claim to be intuitive and, to me, be absolutely full of steaming-hot bullcrap. This game is a simple 2d10, stat-plus-skill-roll-under system and, happily, the various modules to the system (hacking, attacking inanimate objects, etc.) adheres to this mechanic and adds no needless complexity.

I love this game. It's one of my favorites. Really, Mongoose's Flaming Cobra imprint is populated by some of the coolest and most intuitive games I've ever come across (Noctum and Dragon Warriors).

I heartily recommend this game, and naturally give it a 10/10.

Stay tuned for my Character Creation Guide and Combat Reference Sheet.