All Flesh Must Be Eaten
Revised Edition

Ah, All Flesh Must Be Eaten. This book is full of ups and downs for me.

On one hand, I love the ever-living crudbuckets out of zombies. If 2012 resulted in a zombie apocalypse, I would be viscerally overjoyed.

Then there's the Unisystem. Not only is it a bit bland, it's crazily cumbersome in the details (Skills, Advantages, Disadvantages) and weirdly mathematical in the most unexpected of places (Vehicles).

So, I created a reference sheet for the system (and a somewhat cruddy character sheet with more slots for skills and whatnot). However, I think I might just go ahead and create a summarized character creation guide to simplify the options for characters into a nice, neat few pages.

Maybe someday.

Final rating: 8/10

(Because zombies win me over to the point where I'll make stuff to make a system I don't like palatable)

My All Flesh Must Be Eaten Downloads

Ars Mysteriorum's AFMBE Reference Sheet

Never before released, these are all the core rules of AFMBE neatly organized to be easily referenced.
Ars Mysteriorum's AFMBE Reference Sheet.pdf
File Size: 71 kb
File Type: pdf
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Ars Mysteriorum's AFMBE Character Sheet

This is my take on the AFMBE sheet. It's not revolutionary, as it's the first character sheet I ever made, but it has more slots than the official character sheet.
Ars Mysteriorum's AFMBE Character Sheet.pdf
File Size: 25 kb
File Type: pdf
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