Wayfarers is a work of art.

This is high fantasy roleplaying from my days as pre-teen to teenager, but exactly as I remember them rather than what I get when I page through my AD&D 2E PHB.

The rules are simple, yet incredibly elegant. Not only that, but no longer must we set pen to paper to create the classes we longed to play, as it's a free-form, classless character creation system.

This game makes the child in me happy, and for that, I have been inspired to put together a re-imagining of the setting my childhood group and I created in our long years of gameplay.

That's right, I'm in the process of making a setting for this game.

I'll hopefully get around to making a blog about development soon on this site.

This game is an easily given 10/10.

My Downloads for Wayfarers

Wayfarers Nostalgia Character Record Sheet v. 1.3

Here's the character sheet I created for this gem of a game! I attempted to evoke the feeling of AD&D 2e's character sheet, as it's the first game I cut my RPG teeth on, and Wayfarers embodies the nostalgic feeling of playing AD&D 2e without the ridiculous rules to get in the way!

"Anthony Holtberg (a.k.a Ars Mysteriorum) has created a new Character Record Sheet with a classic 'old school' feel. Not only is this sheet nicely organized, but it has useful notes regarding such things as the effects of armor impedance."

- M.E. Katakowski (a.k.a JimmySwill), co-creator of Wayfarers
Wayfarers Nostalgia Character Record Sheet v. 1.3.pdf
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